Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cat's Claw Allergy? if Cipro allergy

Really getting a burst of herxing now that I ate some eggs. Maybe the food is causing my body to absorb the herbs I took a few hours ago.

You know, I'm wondering about this. I might be mildly allergic to fluoroquinolones, since last time I took Cipro I got hives.

I sure feel like I am having a histamine reaction to this cat's claw. No hives, but the same hot, tingly skin feeling I get if I take niacin.

Cat's claw has enough in common with fluoroquinolones to give some people (including me) tendon pain. Maybe it's not a good herb for me.

I have not found that I can take it, even the Nutramedix Samento, for more than a month or so at a time, since then I start to develop tenderness in my Achilles tendon.

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