Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is Yogurt Ok on Anti-Candida Diet?

For a while I wasn't eating it. But then people recommended it to me again as a better way to retain the probiotic capsules.

It can go either way for me. Sometimes it helps me to feel better. However I suspect that I might have a minor allergic reaction to it because I crave it.

Maybe I would be doing better overall if I didn't eat yogurt. I do keep some in the house because 1) there was a great sale on my favorite brand, 2) it keeps well, and 3) when I need it - for digestion reasons - I like to have it around.

This site says all dairy including yogurt is off-limits on Candida diet. Yogurt does have a lot of sugar, even if it's fermented lactose.

However, this site says: "On the yeast infection diet, low-fat yogurt (especially made from goats or organic), cream cheese, sour cream made from real cream, unsweetened whipping cream, and butter are all ok."

It also says no yeast extracts. But I love my gluten-free personal pizzas. They are a great meal for when I don't want to cook. They do involve some yeast for the crust. But I don't get problems from them, I don't think. They are low in sugar (<1 g) which is pretty impressive for a pizza.

What's depressing for me is that when I read Candida diet recipes, I think, "Half these things would give me stomach problems, I know from experience."

I seem to be much more intolerant of certain things than other people and far more tolerant of other things (such as yeast in pizza crusts). Sugar is the main enemy for me--I don't notice much from mushrooms or yeast or anything.

I've noticed that spirulina tablets can really cure the "something growing and fermenting in me" feeling almost immediately. I'm going to keep taking those.

I also tried some green drink powders such as Green Vibrance.

I want what's going through my digestive tract to be something that Candida would find totally unappealing. Full of chlorophyll, anti-Candida foods and herbs, and very well-digested already by digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid.

Once again, it's not just about a list of safe and unsafe foods. It's about feeling in the moment what my digestion could handle and what would go over well and eating only things I know would be ok.

Here's my personal take on yogurt in the Candida diet.

I prefer to eat it either completely by itself or as the last thing I eat after a protein-rich meal. It's helpful when I feel the stomach calling for some good bacteria but when I don't feel a particular need to kill things with hardcore yeast killers.

If I'm eating it by itself, I make some ginger sauce for the yogurt by boiling down ginger in water with xylitol. I think this helps it to be digested well. I also take digestive enzymes containing lactase in case there is lactose left in the yogurt. I eat only Greek yogurt with live cultures, since this kind gives me fewer problems. I guess I could strain regular yogurt if I get things together better.

If you're going to eat yogurt, I think it would be good to have it along with your probiotics (I hear that the one can help the other to be welcomed to its new home) and apart from antibiotics. You could even sprinkle the probiotics on the yogurt.

Keep the yogurt on your tongue for a while and really taste it and mix some saliva with it while eating it.

Also, if you have any concerns about whether it will go ok, add something for digestive heat, like ginger. In fact, that might help in general, since yogurt is usually eaten cold (can slow digestion), so it might help to have some warming things along with it (warm water, ginger tea, etc.).

In fact, here's a recipe that's working great for me at the moment (ate some a few minutes ago):

ginger pieces sauteed in coconut oil, over Fage 0% (greek yogurt).

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